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Local Wine Guide

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The 40+ member wineries of the Amador County Vintners Association are primarily small, family-owned operations whose proprietors make and sell their own wines and greet visitors in their tastings rooms.

The organizations governing documents, conflict of interest policy and financial information, of this non-profit mutual benefit organization are available to the public upon request.


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Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains between the dramatic watersheds of the American and Cosumnes Rivers, the vines of El Dorado enjoy clear, warm growing days and unimpeded sun exposure which develops intense fruit characteristics in the wine. The nights, however, are very cool due to the mountain air that flows down from the high peaks as the sun goes down. The cool nights ensure good structure and acidity in the wines. The endless combinations of elevation, exposure, microclimates and soil type, give adventurous winemakers the opportunity to plant different varietals to their hearts' delight.


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